Top 5 Laser Cutter Companies

Top 5 laser cutter companies

laser machineLaser cutting has come a long way since its first introduction in 1965. They have evolved from cutting a few types of metals to cutting a wide range of materials such as titanium and even textiles with a high level of precision. A laser cutter is capable of penetrating hard and thick materials with precise detail.

Generally, laser cutters are fast, reliable, and easily and accurately repeatable. Compared to plasma cutters, laser cutters offer more efficient processing as multiple parts can be nested and cut in a single program. For many materials, you do not require secondary cleaning after cutting.

When you decide to buy a laser cutter, you may notice that there are literally hundreds of sellers and dealers who all claim to offer the best product in the industry. To make things a little more complicated, you will find that each one of them has genuine sounding reviews and testimonials that may easily tempt you.

Ideally, you should choose a laser cutting machine that will specifically tackle your kind of work. It should serve you for longer and without easily breaking down or demanding frequent repair and maintenance. There are a lot of cheap imports in the market, mostly from China. Many times they do not offer quality service and performance. I highly recommend that you do NOT import a laser cutter or any expensive technology directly from China.

Having said that, here are our top 5 recommended Laser Cutter Companies you can choose from. We understand you are a busy person, so we’ve scaled down our reviews to pros and cons to spare you some time.

1. Epilog Laser 


· The print driver makes it quick and painless to send your designs to the machine

· It comes with a special air–cooled laser tubes that reduce the hassle and potential hazards characterized by their liquid-cooled competitors.

· Cuts, engraves, and marks a wide variety of materials

· The company offers excellent support to their users

· The eView Camera recognition feature makes cutting of printed graphics petty easy with exceptionally precise results.


· Doesn’t have reliable job control software, so if you lose power or turn the machine off and on again; all the work and settings you sent to the machine will be lost.

· It’s less interactive compared to other models, once you send the job to the laser machine; you can’t move, duplicate or rotate it.

· Some users have complained that Epilog has problems with cutting vectors; circles look a little oval and the ends of the cuts do not line up properly at times

-Very expensive machines compared to other value driven laser cutters out there.

2. Trotec Laser


· They have an excellent job control system that lets you save, manipulate and retrieve job details from the machine anytime.

· They are speedy compared to their competition, which makes them a great option for high volume businesses.

· Offers a wide range of galvo and flatbed laser machines available for a larger variety of materials

· Machines made from durable high-quality materials that do not easily wear or breakdown. Numerous users have reported low running and maintenance costs.


· They are highly priced at about 15% higher than their competitors

· Has a larger footprint that can consume quite a large space, which could be an issue if space in at premium


As a side note I did not make any review on any Chinese suppliers.  As of late Bodor has been getting a lot of attention but if you look at some recent Bodor laser reviews via. Google you can do your own appraisal.


3. Universal Laser


· The machines come with a robust system configuration capability that gives you the flexibility and investment protection, allowing you to optimize your systems as you business grows

· Machines have to an easy to use and interactive job handling software that is regularly updated to keep up with the growing industry needs.

· They offer competitive price quotations suitable for both startups and established high-end facilities

· The company has over 30 years experience in providing Digital Laser Material Processing technology.

· Their machines come with patented Rapid Reconfiguration technology which makes it easy and simple to switch between wavelengths without realignment or tools.



· The fit and finish of the cabinet is a little dull

· The company takes too long to make hardware technology upgrades to adopt new technologies

· Most of their laser cutter machines are slower relative to other high end retailers

– Expensive


4. Boss Laser Cutters


· Their customer support and technicians are professional with most users reporting that they typically respond to customer queries with competence, a great attitude eager to help.

· The job control software of the machines allows direct output from CorelDRAW and AutoCAD to laser machine and its software comes with superior image processing when coupled with PhotoGRAV

· The have 60-150W+ watt output laser tubes that are easy to install and perfectly compatible with a wide range of Boss Laser machines. They also have metal sealed higher wattage tubes for heavy duty cutting performance.

· Great value given the fact that unlike other US based companies that import lasers Boss design, engineers, and QA’s the over seas manufacturing.  Even manufacturing some of their own machines as well.

· …